Come visit our school and learn about WNSH and its programs.

Registration for the 2021-2022 school year is now
open. We have limited openings in PS1 and  PK. PS2 & TK are currently full.
Please call 781-237-9137 for information. 

 To set up a tour please email director@wnsh.org or

call 781-237-9137

Alphabet Cubes
Our Philosophy

The Wellesley Nursery School in the Hills provides a developmentally appropriate program for 2.9 - 6 year old children to socialize and learn together.  Our curriculum presentation follows the Massachusetts Department of Education standards, encompassing the following areas:  Art, English Language Arts, Health Education, History, Social Science, Mathematics and Science. Through these educational standards, children have the opportunity to progress academically, emotionally, physically, and socially within a warm and nurturing environment.


A typical school day allows for a balance of structured and unstructured time. 

The structured times include:

  • Morning meeting where attendance is taken and the planned presentations for the day are discussed

  • Circle time where the children listen to stories, sing and participate in creative movement activities

  •  Presentations by our specialists (science, movement, music)

  • Small group extension activities related to the curriculum

The unstructured times include:

  • Free play

  • Daily open choice time where children make choices based on their interests, and become involved in the various areas of the classroom

  • Outdoor time on the playground exploring, interacting and moving

Open choice time continues to have children supported by the teachers, helping each child to become emotionally, socially and academically involved.



Our Mission

Wellesley Nursery School in the Hills provides a safe and nurturing environment. Our belief in offering a play-based, child-centered program fosters learning and success for all children. The faculty prepares quality educational activities with numerous learning opportunities. We support children’s development through exploration, play and problem- solving, while focusing on a child’s individual growth, in order to promote a love of learning at an early age. 

Our History

Wellesley Nursery School in the Hills (WNSH) was founded in 1968 by Mrs. Eleanor Schulz, a Wellesley Hills Congregational Church member.  She was the director of the school until 1984. At that point, Ginny Smith Alterio was appointed director where she remained for 28 years.  We have had the privilege of teaching in the community for over 50 years. WNSH currently has a few students whose parents attended our preschool themselves.